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Summer in Chamonix, France

28 Apr
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Summer in Chamonix

Discover Summer in Chamonix, France

Summer in Chamonix is an adventure waiting to be discovered. Chamonix is well known as a top ski destination but the summer months in Chamonix and the surrounding areas have a lot to offer too. Let’s take a look at this spectacular dual season resort.

Mont Blanc, Chamonix

Explore the hiking and walking trails.

There is a multitude of mountain walks in Chamonix, some of which will start from your front door and take you on a gentle meander along the valley floor, or you can enjoy high altitude hikes with stunning scenery.  Many of the ski lifts in Chamonix open up in the summer, whisking you up the mountain to experience some of the most beautiful views in the Alps, so depending on your level of fitness there is something for everyone here. As spring months turn into summer in Chamonix, the alpine meadows burst with life and are criss-crossed with little streams where you can find a nice spot to enjoy a picnic. All the walks are easy to follow with well signed routes which take you past inviting mountain restaurants offering local fare and stunning vistas. This is truly a walkers paradise.

Hiking above Chamonix
Hikers above the Chamonix Valley
Early morning snow on Aiguilles, Chamonix

Experience the Aiguille du Midi.

This is a hair raising, bucket-list ticking adventure on skis during the winter months, a more relaxed experience during summer and definitely not one to be missed. Take the cable car from the centre of Chamonix, in 20 minutes you will have reached the summit 3842 metres above sea level and be able to enjoy the panoramic views from the 32 metre walkway. There are spectacular Mont Blanc views and an opportunity to enjoy traditional French cuisine in the restaurant “Le 3842”, a unique experience. Whilst at the top of this amazing summit, you should take the opportunity to “Step into The Void”, a glass-floored room that hangs off the side of the Aiguille and is not for the faint hearted!

Aiguille du Midi, Chamonix in clouds

Take a trip on the Montenvers Railway to the Mer de Glace.

The trip up to the Mer du Glace is an opportunity to peacefully take in the stunning scenery that the summer months display in Chamonix. The Montenvers Railway snakes through beautiful forests and along marvelous viaducts to deliver you to the largest glacier in France. This “Sea of Ice” is 40km2 and 7km long and sits at a relatively low altitude of 1913m. The glacier is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the valley and no summer in Chamonix would be complete without a visit. It is possible to enter the underground grotto which is set within the glacier and carved yearly as the glacier moves at least 70 metres each year. If you fancy staying for lunch, there are 2 restaurants up here, the Restaurant le Panoramique Mer de Glace and the Restaurant Grand Hotel du Montenvers. One can walk straight down to Chamonix from here or return by train, depending on the size of the lunch!

Montenvers railway, Chamonix

Why not run up a mountain?

Believe it or not running up a mountain is increasingly popular. But if you are only going to do it once, Chamonix is the place to do it! If you are a seasoned runner then there is much to experience here as it considered to be a trail runners paradise. Chamonix has become a premier destination for trail running because of the quality of its trails combined with the stunning views around almost every bend. The trails vary in ability from a gentle incline upwards, they are well sign posted, as with the hiking trails and vary in length from between 1 hour up to a mammoth 8 hours. At the end of the summer in Chamonix, the town plays host to the famous Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc which attracts up to 10,000 runners from around the world.

Trail running in Chamonix

There is much to do if you plan on spending a few weeks of the summer in Chamonix…

If you are planning on spending a few weeks of the summer in Chamonix  there are multitudes of activities to mention. Whether you are a seasoned thrill seeker or a family looking to spend time together, the Chamonix valley is a perfect tourist destination for many reasons.

There are vast numbers of MTB trails which cater for advanced bikers, as well as family trails to entertain the little ones. Many of these trails are unforgettable experiences with beautiful views to take in on the way down.

There is the Chamonix Luge Alpine Coaster for the whole family to enjoy. This is a 1,300 metre long track that is open all year round and has jumps, turns and spins and is the star attraction of the Chamonix amusement park.

If you want to relax, the Yoga Rando is a guided walk up the mountains in the early morning followed by by a stimulating yoga session with, of course, beautiful panoramic scenery.

Visit the many cafés, bars and shops that Chamonix has to offer for a more sedate experience and sit by the river eating an ice cream, or take a picnic and watch the world go by.

There is so much to do in Chamonix that it is easy to see why this pretty dual season resort is so popular in summer as well as winter.

To see our properties for sale in Chamonix, click on the button below or contact us. Chamonix is one of our favourite places in the Alps and we’d love to answer any questions you may have.


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