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Summer in Megève

20 Feb
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Summer in Megève

The French Alps in all its picturesque splendour is a hot contender as a summer destination this year, let’s take a look at what there is to do in the summer in Megève

Introducing Megève

Megève is a French commune situated in the Haute-Savoie department of the Alps. The resort boasts a significant history in Alpine culture starting in 1914 as a primary location for the French aristocracy, boosted by Noémie de Rothschild, who was looking for a French resort to rival St. Moritz. She fell in love with the spectacular scenery of the Mont d’Arbois and Rochebrune ranges, which are deeply embedded within the Mont Blanc Massif and in turn she created a resort which was the gateway for tourism in the French Alps. Due to her influence and input, Megève became one of the first purpose built resorts in the 1920s and remains one of the most popular and sought after destinations both for holidays and home ownership in the French Alps.

Megève is a wonderful example of a dual season resort that has grown over the years into a stylish and traditionally authentic resort with the support of generations of the Rothschild family. The following article provides information on some great summer activities in Megève, when the snow begins to melt under the deep blue skies, opening up new surroundings to explore and visualise.

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The top 6 reasons to spend your summer in Megève

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1. Mountain Biking

Mountain biking in Megève is one of the most popular summer activities. There are two reasons for this. It has a large number of green, red, blue and black downhill trails which attract the adrenaline junkies as well as long and scenic bike trails through rocky tree lines which suit families.

Megève’s extensive ski lift system allows you to explore the 154 bike routes boasting an enormous distance of well mapped ways. If you want a more tailored experience, biking tour guides will provide you with extra guidance and the necessary equipment to tackle the harder Megève routes. What is certain is that you will enjoy a great experience of mountain biking during the summer months in Megève.

2. Golf

Golf has a long and noble tradition in Megève and the Edmond de Rothschild Heritage manages Le Domaine Du Mont D’Arbois golf club which has its own hotel by the same name. The 18 hole course offers multiple packages and offers beautiful and unique panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, from the Mont Joly to the Aravis range. The course has been eco-friendly for the last 6 years. Gastronomy is taken as seriously as the golf with a three star Michelin restaurant headed by Anne-Sophie Pic offering French cuisine at “La Dame De Pic-Le 1920”. However, if you want to experience the other side of the world in Megève, look no further than “Kaito” which is also ran by the heritage and offers exceptional Japanese cuisine.

3. Hiking

For less adrenaline based adventurers, endless mountain paths will enchant all levels of hiker/walker. There are children’s trails with clue discoveries left by the mountain goat, trails through forests and across meadows and meandering streams and journeys through cheese farms. If you are looking for something more bespoke, the Bureau de Guides offers full day and half day hikes through the area and experienced guides that boast a serious passion for the surrounding nature. If you really want to immerse yourself into the experience try a week long package that allows you to stay overnight in high altitude traditional alpine refuges that soak up the sun in the summer and offer some phenomenal views. Packages are available with the Bureau des Guides from families to elite ambitious hikers.

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4. Canyoning

The Bureau des Guides is the first port of call for anyone interested in canyoning in the summer in Megève. They offer guides and information on all the available water sports in the Megève mountains where you can canyon down rivers and jump into crystal clear water. They will provide you with all safety equipment such as swimsuits and water shoes. Kids must be 8 years or older however, so this isn’t for children who are very young. They offer up to half days of canyoning where you can explore Megève’s best summer canyon “La Belle aux Bois” which is a sleeping beauty near the town.

5. The Luge 4s

This is a less intense but equally as fun activity as mountain biking and is very popular with families as any age group can take part. The Luge 4s is situated at the bottom of one of the busiest and most popular gondolas in Megève (Jaillet). The Luge is open all day and into the night. During the day in the summer, you can speed down the luge’s weaving tracks like Alain Prost in an F1 car reaching speeds of up to 36km/h through a windy 715m descent down towards Megève town. This offers excellent views. Alternatively enjoy a night time descent with lights that guide you down the luge with soothing and pleasurable music as you make your descent.

6. Le Palais De Megève

An essential visit for your summer in Megève, Le Palais De Megève is the largest leisure complex in the Alps. It consists of an aquatic centre with waterslides, a large gymnasium along with a racket sports area with indoor and outdoor tennis courts. You can relax in the Spa located in the complex before or after taking part in the various activities that it has to offer. These include 30 minutes to 1 hour long massage treatments. However if you are missing winter, the Palais also has an ice rink within its complex with an outdoor ice rink to soak up the sunshine and an Olympic indoor ice rink.

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Restaurants & Nightlife

There’s no better way of winding down a hike, bike, or any other day long activity than treating yourself to Megève’s restaurants and bars. There are plenty of different cuisines to enjoy as the sun begins to set over the mountains in the summer, from rustic alpine French eateries such as the popular Les Chamois & Le Vieux Megève. Other European cuisines are on offer such as the Pizzeria de la Taverne. Great outdoor dining can be found at “Le Torrent” & Le Refuge de Calvaire. For romantic couples “Flocons” & the “beef lodge” are always busy. And for people who are keen to experience fine dining the flagship restaurant “La Table de l’Alpaga” is on offer. For drinks the “Benjamin” opposite the Flocons restaurant is a fun start or end to an evening.  The town centre is headed by a wonderful blue tiled church with plenty of shops and cafés to potter around during your summer in Megève.

The Megève property market has become HOT during the last 2 years and property for sale in Megève is subject to quick turnover. The resort is a wonderful dual season destination, if you are interested in viewing any of our Megève properties then please get in touch, but be quick!

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