Hotels for Sale in Switzerland

Alpine Property Search is a leader in the highly specialised field of hotels for sale in Switzerland.
We are able to offer a selection of hotels that are currently for sale in Switzerland, some of which are listed below. We have mandates to sell a number of hotels in Switzerland, the majority of which are not on the open market. Please get in touch for a confidential, no obligation discussion about your needs.

We also act as introducers for Swiss investment opportunities and can offer a variety of investment projects including Swiss education, commercial real estate and private equity deals.

There are many reasons to buy a hotel in Switzerland, below we take a look at the most compelling factors.

Buying a hotel for sale in Switzerland can be an attractive investment for several reasons. Switzerland is renowned for its stunning landscapes, tourism industry, and strong economy, which make it an appealing destination for both tourists and investors. Here are some compelling reasons to consider buying a hotel in Switzerland:

  1. Tourism-Friendly Environment:
    • Switzerland is a top tourist destination known for its picturesque landscapes, including the Swiss Alps, pristine lakes, and charming villages. Tourists flock to Switzerland year-round for skiing, hiking, sightseeing, and cultural experiences.
  2. Stable Economy:
    • Switzerland boasts a stable and robust economy with low unemployment and inflation rates. This economic stability can provide a favorable environment for running a hotel business.
  3. High-Quality Infrastructure:
    • Switzerland has excellent infrastructure, including transportation networks, healthcare systems, and education facilities. This contributes to the overall comfort and convenience of tourists and residents alike.
  4. Strong Swiss Franc:
    • The Swiss Franc (CHF) is considered a strong and stable currency, which can be advantageous for foreign investors. It can help protect your investment against currency fluctuations.
  5. Safety and Security:
    • Switzerland is known for its safety and low crime rates, making it an attractive destination for travelers seeking a secure environment.
  6. High-Quality Services:
    • Switzerland is renowned for its high standard of services, including hospitality. Offering top-notch services in your hotel can attract discerning travelers who are willing to pay a premium.
  7. Year-Round Tourist Demand:
    • Switzerland is a year-round destination. In addition to winter sports, there are plenty of activities and attractions during the summer, making it a great place to invest in a hotel.
  8. Attractive Tax Environment:
    • Switzerland has a favorable tax environment for businesses, with a competitive corporate tax rate and various incentives for investors.
  9. International Appeal:
    • Switzerland’s central location in Europe and its well-connected airports make it accessible to a global audience of tourists, which can help ensure a steady flow of visitors to your hotel.
  10. Potential for Growth:
    • Depending on the location and condition of the hotel, there may be opportunities for renovation, expansion, or rebranding, allowing you to maximize your investment over time.
  11. Quality of Life:
    • If you plan to live in Switzerland while running the hotel, you can enjoy a high quality of life with access to excellent healthcare, education, and a clean environment.
  12. Favorable Legal Framework:
    • Switzerland has a well-established legal framework and a strong respect for property rights, providing security and protection for investors.

However, it’s essential to conduct thorough research, seek legal and financial advice, and perform due diligence before making any investment. Buying a hotel is a significant commitment, and understanding the local market, regulations, and potential risks is crucial to a successful investment in Switzerland or any other country. Alpine Property Search can guide you through the process and connect you to the correct people, so please give us a call to discuss what you are looking for.


Here we offer a very small selection of some of our Swiss Hotels for Sale in Valais

Premier Hotel, Valais

Hotels for sale in Switzerland 2

Hotel for Sale in Valais

Award Winning Boutique Hotel, Valais – CHF 2,800,000

Hotels for sale in Switzerland

Hotel for Sale in Valais

Established Boutique Hotel, Valais
CHF 4,000,000

Hotels for sale in Switzerland

Hotel for Sale in Valais

Hotels for Sale in Vaud
Please Enquire

Hotels for sale in Switzerland 6 Chateau de Chillon

Contact Us for Information about our
Hotels for Sale in Vaud

3* Hotel for Sale in Ticino
Guide Price CHF 2,800,000

Hotels for sale in Switzerland, Balerna, Ticino 12

Hotel for Sale in
Balerna, Ticino

Frequently Asked Questions about
Investing or Buying a Business in Switzerland

Who can buy a Swiss hotel?

There are no restrictions on nationality for investing in a business in Switzerland.

Can I obtain Swiss residency if I invest in a business for sale in Switzerland?

In certain cases, yes. Contact us for further information.

Is the government supportive of new business investors?

Yes, each canton’s Economic Development Agency is keen to encourage investment in its region. We can direct you to the relevant departments.

Can I open a Swiss bank account?

We can introduce you to a selection of global, private and cantonal banks who can discuss your requirements with you.

Can you help with a lawyer who speaks Chinese?

Yes, we work with a wide network of lawyers, accountants and banks to provide a bespoke service and we have a Chinese interpreter.

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